The videos on this page are not restricted to any particular subject and may include natural medicine, nutrition, anatomy, bodywork, Swedenborg, music and more

View a wonderful Video titled
“Introduction to Spiritual Christianity” by David Millar



Published on May 21, 2013
1. Quando m’en vo from La Bohème by Puccini 2. The Jewel Song from Faust by Gounod 3. O Mio Babbino Caro from Gianni Schicchi by Puccini 4. Quel guardo il cavaliere from Don Pasquale by Donizetti
Artists are Donna Cain (singer) and Dorine Tolley (keyboard).
Copyright 2013 D. Cain & D. Tolley – All rights reserved. From the Recital 21.04.13 at the Liz Tolley Art Exhibition at The Swedenborg Centre, Sydney, Australia.
All artworks featured are Copyright 2013 Liz Coggins – All Rights Reserved.


Lorimer Moseley

CaptureWhy do we hurt? Do we actually experience pain, or is it merely illusion? In this video, Lorimer Moseley explores these questions, and position the pain that we feel as our bodies’ way of protecting us from damaging tissues further. He also looks at what this might mean for those who suffer from chronic pain.

Fun Video – Great Presenter

Splendors Of The Spirit – Swedenborg’s Quest For Insight–Swedenborg-s-Quest-for-Insight-

“An engrossing exploration of our immortality through the eyes of a genuine seer.” – Marianne Williamson, author, Enchanted Love and The Healing of America

Emmy Award-winning producer Penny Price portrays the fascinating life and thought of the Swedish Enlightenment scientist and spiritual visionary Emanuel Swedenborg, whom Zen scholar D.T. Suzuki revered as the “great king of the mystical realm.” Interweaving breathtaking nature photography, expert interviews, computer animation, and rare, archival stills with dramatic re-enactment featuring acclaimed actor Lillian Gish and contemporary documentary footage, this program conveys the essential and ever-relevant insights brought back by Swedenborg from his unprecedented explorations of the spiritual worlds.


Tom Myers Anatomy Trains

Anatomy Trains Myofascial Meridians A Revolution in Soft-Tissue Patterning

Anatomy Trains® maps the ‘anatomy of connection’ – the whole-body fascial and myofascial linkages. Anatomy Trains links the individual muscles into functional complexes, each with a specific anatomy and ‘meaning’. Anatomy Trains leads to new holistic strategies for health professionals, movement teachers, and athletes to resolve complex postural and movement patterns. From Tom Myers Website


CaptureI made this little clip when I was filming my DVD series in 2005.My thoughts have matured a little bit as compared to the way the ideas are presented in here, as might be expected from anyone engaging their learning curve and involved in a process of discovery, but I am also glad that so many people enjoy it “as is.” However, for those who like to study up and learn more, I have posted a Note at the following link

(…), where you can read my more current thoughts on this interesting subject!

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