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Science & Esoteric Wisdom


Science & Esoteric Wisdom is a compilation of public lectures in Sydney by Dr Groves between 1994 and 1998.The material is variously a detailed study of a single aspect of the natural world as, for instance, in the chapters on the Lymphatic system, a Psychological View of Anatomy, and Plant and Human Interaction.

It is also a study of the esoteric as it has been presented at different times – in Ancient Egypt, Sufi material and more currently in the Fourth Way. These chapters are all woven together with a common thread – that is the wonder and appreciation of the Divine – the source of all creation.
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Swedenborg: The Dynamics of Transformation

Swedenborg and the Dynamics of Transformation is a booklet featuring a collection of 5 essays written over a 10 year period. Emanuel Swedenborg was a renowned scientist and mystic from the eighteenth century, and each of the essays approaches his spiritual work and teaching from a slightly different view.

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Spiritual Foundations

Spiritual Foundations is a detailed exploration of the ways in which a person is spiritually connected with the cosmos, and how the physical world contains spiritually significant and meaningful patterns and values which greatly contribute to understanding greater reality, and act as a link with the spiritual world. An extensive study of the language of correspondences, based on the work of the great Christian mystic Emanuel Swedenborg, allows us real insight into Nature, and clarifies our relationship with the Whole.
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Journey Through the World of Symbol

Journey Through the World of Symbol continues the work of Beyond the Fourth Way, and is the second book in a set of three. It explores studies of various aspects of consciousness and psychology, symbolic representations found in art, architecture and music, and the use of symbolic language in Fourth Way cosmology.
There is also a rich discussion of the significations and correspondences of esoteric Christianity, and the concepts and practices found in eastern traditions, all of which contribute to the awakening of a person into the fulness of their natural and spiritual life.

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Beyond the Fourth Way

Beyond the Fourth Way is an exploration of aspects of the Fourth Way, a methodology whereby an ordinary person can be awakened, developed and transformed so that they become a harmonized, conscious being. We explore selected principles and techniques contained in Fourth Way material with a particular view to how valuable their application is for each person in daily life.
This very rich teaching system is then blended with the profound spiritual understanding of the Christian mystic Emanuel Swedenborg, to provide a deeply meaningful and practical approach to inner development and soul growth.

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The Quest for Integration (Vol.1)

Quest-for-Integration-Volume11-150x150 (1)The Quest for Integration was the focus of talks given in 1987, and all chapters refer, explain or demonstrate the path of personal transformation. The path leads from a person separated within themselves by diverse weaknesses, aims and abilities to a whole being with all parts harmoniously working together, and united within a pure spiritual framework. The journey outlined in this book is generously supported by a deep understanding of the Christian mystic Emanuel Swedenborg meaningfully blended with the methodology of the Fourth Way and the great Russian teacher George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff.

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Psychopoise is a collection of essays, with the single essay ‘Psychopoise’ taking up more than half the volume, where it examines the processes surrounding the point of balance between the two opposing forces within us that lead to equilibrium. The remaining 8 short essays look at human psychology and the struggle for that same balance.

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The Garden of the Mind

garden_sm1-150x150The Garden of the Mind is a compilation of public lectures examining the variety of approaches to the spiritualising of the whole person, and exploring the hidden aspects of life – in dreams, in the spiritual dimensions of biology, a study of life, death and eternity and the concept of transformation.

There are substantial references to ancient cultures and religions, and details of the workings of the natural world, with the chapters weaving together a common thread – the wonder of the Divine, the source of all creation.

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Continuum of Consciousness

continuum2_sm2-150x150The Continuum of Consciousness and other Essays is written as a sequenced course in spiritual development, where we are introduced to the principles of Work upon the self, and guided through their application in daily life as a path to transformation and the building of a spiritual body.

The material included here is drawn from the Fourth Way methodology of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky, but also incorporates understanding of the mystical spirituality of Emanuel Swedenborg.

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Spiritual Psychology

spirit_sm-150x150Spiritual Psychology is concerned with the arousal and development of the buried potentials of human life which are unknown to most people and but dimly suspected by a few. It is the application to ourselves of methods and disciplines that serve to establish the conditions in which a completely new kind of life may begin to appear.  We find extensive reference to the methodology of the Fourth Way in the examination of principles that may be followed by those on the path of inner transformation.

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The Philosophy of Natural Healing

TheTemenosPlate_sm-150x150The Philosophy of Natural Healing is an invaluable guide to natural therapies, giving both a broad outline of the field plus very specific details of individual modalities, and how they benefit daily life. The modalities of yoga, massage, nutrition, meditation, herbs, homeopathy and more are brought together in a wonderful synthesis by a man who practiced and lived by them, and provides the reader with theoretical an practical understanding. Combined with this we find the undercurrent of spiritual energy and life which is the foundation to all existence.

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