Triam Press is a business which began in 1994 with the sole aim of making available the works of Philip W. Groves, as he saw fit to present them after a life-time of teaching.
New Books are published each year, we have a newsletter and it is possible to join the Friends of Philip Groves. This gives members access to text lectures, discount books and podcasts
To join contact triampress@gmail.com

Our online gallery (from time to time) will exhibit photographs, greeting cards and artwork by artists influenced by Dr Groves teaching.

Dr Grove’s books can be purchased directly from Triam Press or are available through Phoenix Rising bookshop in Glebe or the Swedenborg Centre in Sydney, Australia.

“When a person consciously and affectionately allows Divine life to flow in and through them and to spiritualise every aspect of their being, then they come to life in a quite new way and are able to participate in the law, order, and harmony of the heavens. In this way one enters into an inner fellowship with myriads of conscious souls who are able to share the love and wisdom they in turn receive from celestial sources”.

Philip W. Groves from Spiritual Foundations

Mailing Address
PO Box 4021, Castlecrag NSW,
2068 Australia
Email Address

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