Myths and Realities of Exercising Post-Breast-Cancer-Surgery, by Cynthia Shechter October 2013

Cynthia Shechter is an Occupational Therapist who earned her masters degree in occupational therapy at New York University. She has devoted her clinical practice to Breast Cancer and Lymphedema rehabilitation as well as hand/upper extremity therapy. Cynthia previously launched a Breast Cancer and Lymphedema rehabilitation program at a private facility in New Jersey and has now opened ShechterCare, a facility devoted in its entirety to treating individuals who have had surgery due to breast cancer and/or lymphedema. Cynthia has lectured on the topic of Breast Cancer Rehabilitation and Lymphedema to several Cancer groups in the community as well as to different physicians’ groups. Her main focus is on educating her patients on the management of Lymphedema and enabling them to return to their regular lifestyle. Cynthia is dedicated to increasing the awareness of the medical community to the benefits rehabilitation can have on patients following Breast Cancer surgery. more………

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Naturopath, Massage therapist
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