Different Cracks


While walking to work this morning, I passed the local chiropractor who had a sign up on the footpath “there is a crack, a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in”.  This is a Leonard Cohen quote from his song “Anthem”. I smiled at the humour and it resonated as I also used the quote to start my book “The Sensitive Nervous System” in 2001. In all that time I had never thought of the crack in the quote as relating to a joint, I was more reflecting on cracks in thinking at the time.

And as I wandered on, I thought, what has happened to manipulation these days? The high velocity thrusts (grade 5 techniques in some systems) often associated with joints popping and cracking and occasional spectacular relief.

Who is doing it?
Is it done as much as it was last century?
Is anyone researching…

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