Welfare of the Soul

Welfare of the Soul – Dr Philip Groves
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On Friday, 30th January, 1987, Dr. Philip Groves gave an address entitled “Spiritual Aspects of Swedenborg’s Psychology” at The New Church, Roseville, Sydney, Australia to mark the 299th Anniversary of the birth of Emanuel Swedenborg (born 29th January, 1688). Through this publication, which is based on the address itself, a much wider audience will be able to share Dr  Groves’ presentation on the value and use of what is found in the theological writings of Swedenborg (referred to in the text as ‘Swedenborg’s writings’ and the ‘Writings.’

Those who study Swedenborg’s writing will find an abundance of material that will help them to alter subjective attitudes, expand their vision of spiritual possibilities, deepen their faith, arouse their spirit of charity, and encourage them to seek what is good, true, loving and beautiful.’

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